Money Making Monday: Qmee

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to another Money Making Monday. This week is all about Qmee.

Qmee is an app which I use on my Android device to take paid surveys. The homepage of the app lists all the surveys available to you, how long they will take and the reward for completion. I like that all the information you need is right there at first glance. I can decide what I want to complete with the time that I have available, and how much I will be rewarded for that time. Surveys are around 10-50p per survey, with most around the middle of that range, at least that’s what is available to me. I do get signed out of quite a few surveys on this app, and I find that they fill up quite fast, so I might see four surveys on my home page but after I come back from taking the first one the others are no longer available. This is another one that I like to use on bus rides, just to pass the time and get rewarded for it.

You can invite friends to use the app with three options; keep £1 for yourself, split it 50/50, or give the £1 to your referee. I have chosen the link which splits it 50/50, which I think is fair. If you fancy joining then follow this link and get a 50p reward for it.

I have been using the app since October 2018 and in that time I have earned £30.61, but as always, you will get more rewards if you put in more time.

Join me next week for another Money Making Monday.

Over and out.


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