Try Day Friday: Morrisons Party Food

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to another Try Day Friday, this week I am reviewing some of Morrison’s new vegan party food.

I bought the chicken style skewers, bbq jackfruit burgers and vegetable chilli burritos.

The chicken style skewers were flavoured tofu on sticks. They smelt and tasted smokey but I couldn’t pin down exactly what they tasted like, but it was not good, they were pretty disgusting. I also prefer a chewy tofu, and these pieces were soft. The pack of 10 was £2.

The burgers smelt like a typical burger bun and I really like that, you could also smell the sweet and sour mixture inside. There was a sweet and tangy pepper taste to them that I really enjoyed. The buns were quite dry and the middle was sloppy. The pack of 10 was £3.

The burritos didn’t have much of a smell, there wasn’t much taste from the tortilla, perhaps a mild vegetable taste. The middle was very spicy, almost too spicy for me, it was full of flavour. The texture was very soft and some slight texture from the beans. The pack of 10 was £3.

Good points

Quick and easy party food, some good ideas.

Bad points

I think some of the flavours and textures missed the mark.

I would give the party food that I tried a 3 out of 5 stars.

Out of the three packs I bought I would probably only buy the burgers again.

Join me next week for another Try Day Friday.

Over and out.


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I blog about vegan and cruelty free products.

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