Money Making Monday: Citizen Me

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to another Money Making Monday, this week is all about Citizen Me.

Citizen Me is an app I use on Android to take paid surveys. It’s main feature is the home page which lists all available tasks, these are colour coded which is a feature I like. You can also filter by task which is useful. The light blue tasks are ‘fun’ surveys, and the dark blue are insight surveys, neither of which I take part in, I’m not sure if this affects how many paid surveys I receive. The red surveys enable you to donate your data to causes but I hardly see any of these. The purple ones enable you to receive more paid surveys.

Finally, the green tasks are paid surveys. The pay rates I have seen are usually between 2p and 20p per task, I have seen tasks for more than this, including ones that have been upwards of £1, but these are very rare. What I like about the app is it’s clean and simple, the surveys are really quick, over in a couple of questions and the money is instantly paid into your PayPal account. On the downside the paid tasks are infrequent and you don’t get notified that they have gone live.

I have been using the app since December 2017 and in that time have earned £18.02.

Join me next week for another Money Making Monday.

Over and out.


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