What’s Happening Wednesday: 25/12/2019

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to another What’s Happening Wednesday. It’s Christmas day!

I’ve mostly stayed in the house this last week, waiting in for deliveries for the new house. Countertops, sink, curtains and poles etc. I did manage to see some family and friends, we went for a meal in the Harvester and Violet sat in the highchair in the restaurant for the first time, and even had a few bits from the salad bar.

I’m still trying to get through The Humans, and learning Italian is going well. There hasn’t been much on TV, but I am excited to watch the new season of Letterkenny. I’ve been managing to keep on top of the one house, and fit some exercising in. The new house is getting there and we need to be in there by the end of next week!

Violet is rolling well, she is better on one side than the other and only rolls once but has tried to go over again a couple of times. She’s also trying to commando crawl but I think she’s a long way off moving. Sitting is getting better, she is far more stable now. Weaning is going well, she is trying a lot of different foods and is learning how to manage food in the mouth, her favourite thing so far has been orange slices. We are really enjoying reading every day, and playing with soft toys (something she was never fussed with before). She has really been enjoying the tag ball, oball, maracas and bells. She’s started to become endlessly fascinated with shaking objects.

I can’t believe next Wednesday is the first day of 2020, see you then!

Over and out.


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