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Superdrug Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Hi everyone,

I’ve had an awful couple of weeks off work with shoulder pain that came on out of the blue, I spent most of that time asleep due to strong painkillers and it just generally was an experience I don’t wish to repeat. I also have costochondritis now, with inflammation of the cartilage of my ribs and breastbone and I’ve been told there’s nothing that can be done and it will be a recurrent problem. I feel like a walking disaster. I am actually happy to be going back to work tomorrow because even though I’m still in pain it’s much better than it was a couple of weeks ago and I am fed up of not being able to do anything. Today I am reviewing a mouth care product for you.

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Cruelty Free Face Care Review

Hi everyone!

As promised I am back posting, it’s another start to another dreary winter week but I’m trying to stay positive despite being in a lot of pain as I’ve somehow hurt my shoulder. This week I am putting long thought out plans into action so I know what I’m doing in different aspects of my life everyday. My thoughts are that this will help me manage things better so I don’t become overwhelmed and procrastinate. I’m not sure if I’ll manage to post again this week but I’ll try my best.

Today I’m going to review and compare three of B.’s facial cleansing products, their micellar wipes and water, and gel cleanser.

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Naturally Radiant Brightening Face Mask Review

Hi everyone,

Today is another busy day of visiting family and friends, it almost makes me yearn for next week where I’ll hopefully be at home recovering from my operation. I’m just overtired, and I’ve been running on caffeine which has scrambled my brain and isn’t doing wonders for my mental state.

Today I’m reviewing Superdrug’s Naturally Radiant brightening renewal face mask.

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B. Flawless Targeted Wrinkle Filler Review

Hi everyone,

I couldn’t post yesterday because I haven’t been feeling the best and getting up at 7am to buy a TV on black Friday probably wasn’t the best idea, I napped for most of the rest of the day. So I thought that instead of waiting til Monday I’d post a review today instead.

Today I’m reviewing B.’s Flawless Targeted Wrinkle Filler.

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Weleda Gift Set Review

Evening everyone,

We’ve reached that time of year where I travel to and from work in darkness, I find it hard to get up in the dark and motivate myself to do the things I have to do. Does anyone else experience this? Tonight I’m working til 9 but at least I have another day off tomorrow so I can catch up on sleep.

Today I’m reviewing the mini citrus gift set from Weleda.

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Superdrug Vitamin E Radiance Moisture Cream review

Evening all,

I’ve been working all day today, and I’m back in Sunday but at least I can catch up on sleep tomorrow because I am exhausted. Getting up at 6am and leaving for work before the sun has risen is not great. Nothing has really happened this week so I don’t have much to talk about so here’s Friday’s review.

Today I’m reviewing Superdrug’s Vitamin E Radiance Moisture Cream.