Superdrug Deep Action cleansing lotion

Evening everyone, Well it’s Friday, I’ve had one day off in twelve days which was almost entirely spent outside the house with family (I don’t class that as a real day off). So it’s safe to say that I am exhausted and very much looking forward to this weekend. I plan to get a massage,Continue reading “Superdrug Deep Action cleansing lotion”

Salt of the Earth natural deodorant review

Hi everyone, I can’t believe that it’s September tomorrow, this year has sped by! Today was supposed to be my August book review but I couldn’t get my mind to sit still and think about the books that I’ve read this month. I don’t know why I’m feeling so anxious this week but I’m justContinue reading “Salt of the Earth natural deodorant review”

Rio Rosa Mosquetta exfoliator review

Hi everyone, It’s bank holiday Monday and I’ve been working since 10:15 this morning, with four more hours to go so it’s safe to say that I’m probably very tired. I spent yesterday stuffing my face and exercising, and just generally sorting things out. I’m really not looking forward to this week because where IContinue reading “Rio Rosa Mosquetta exfoliator review”

The Vegan Kind August box review

Evening all, It’s the end of the week. I had an interview yesterday and I am really not sure how it went. I’m working til 6 tonight and then I have all week to prepare for a pretty awful week where I’m working bank holiday Monday and the entire weekend after it, I must haveContinue reading “The Vegan Kind August box review”

Superdrug Trichology review

Evening all! Well it seems like summer is finally here, and I get to work all week in a small warm room, in a heavy lab coat, with a bunch of other people and no air conditioning *thumbs up*. It’s absolutely sweltering and very uncomfortable but I guess it gives me a chance to tryContinue reading “Superdrug Trichology review”

Heavenly Organics skin care review

Evening everyone, Another week over but I can’t look forward to the weekend because I have a night shift tomorrow, Saturday day and Sunday will probably be spent asleep. I hope to read more of my book on my shift as I couldn’t do a book review last month because I didn’t read much. TodayContinue reading “Heavenly Organics skin care review”

Juice Beauty review

Evening everyone, Yesterday was a long day and this morning I was very tired but I’ve been back at work today. There isn’t going to be a book review post for July because I only read one book before I started my massive book on Autism which I still haven’t finished. I hope to finishContinue reading “Juice Beauty review”

Lavera anti ageing night cream review

Evening all, I am still ill but I’m going to attempt to go to work today and just suck it up. I have a long shift tomorrow that I’m not particularly looking forward to but then I get to go out with my family on the weekend because my brother is turning 18 and IContinue reading “Lavera anti ageing night cream review”

Superdrug hair therapy oil review

Hi everyone, I’m back, I had a very busy time on my week off followed by a night shift at work which really messed me up. To top it off I am not feeling very well so it’s not a great week so far. On a brighter note I have two short shifts for theContinue reading “Superdrug hair therapy oil review”