Superdrug Vitamin E review

Hi everyone, It’s the weekend, and a welcome break from work. I finally got paid which means I can finally afford shoes that don’t let in rain water, and some forks because we only have three at home. It’s the little things that matter because we are now on the way to saving for aContinue reading “Superdrug Vitamin E review”

Superdrug dead sea mineral mask

Evening everyone, It’s five o’clock which means I only have one day left in work this week, it may be another 11 hour shift but I get the whole weekend off to sort everything out. We’ve had some really sunny weather this week which has made me very happy and I hope it sticks aroundContinue reading “Superdrug dead sea mineral mask”

Zatik rose neroli blossom moisturiser

Hi everyone, Today has been another day off for me and I’ve had a long overdue visit to my grandparents. Back to work tomorrow, gearing up for another 11 hour shift on Friday. Today I’m going to review a moisturiser from Zatik, the rose neroli blossom moisturiser for combination skin.

B. and Gosh make-up haul

Hey everyone, As this post goes up I am in the middle of my second 11 hour shift this week, and on a Sunday as well *sad face*. I have the next two days off but tomorrow will be another day of doctor appointments to try and get a handle on my health. I’m lookingContinue reading “B. and Gosh make-up haul”

Pacifica Persian rose perfume

Evening everyone, I absolutely love rose, I love eating rose, I love washing with rose, I love drinking rose, I love the smell of roses. I am a little obsessed with it. So when I was gifted a 29ml spray bottle of Pacifica’s Persian rose perfume I was extremely happy. This would also be myContinue reading “Pacifica Persian rose perfume”

Original Source review

Hello again, Here’s another review for you, I have to start doing more skincare reviews but I can’t afford to buy much at the moment. I’m hoping I get my first pay this month (even though I’ve been there since December) so I can do more reviews. Today I’m going to review two Original SourceContinue reading “Original Source review”

Superdrug Tea Tree range review

Evening everyone, Well the weather yesterday was atrocious, I nearly got blown into traffic. Now it’s supposed to be freezing all week, I hate Winter! 😦 I also found out that I’m working 47.5 hours next week so that’s going to be fun, haha. On the up side I should have a new laptop at theContinue reading “Superdrug Tea Tree range review”

Passion Flower Beauty mineral eye shadows

Evening everyone, I’ve been giving my skin a break from wearing makeup recently to let it clear up, but when I was offered the opportunity to try some mineral eye shadow from passion flower beauty how could I say no? All of the products I am about to review were sent to me free ofContinue reading “Passion Flower Beauty mineral eye shadows”