Superdrug Limited Edition Pear Drops Shampoo

Evening all, Today I am taking a break from all the food reviews and recipes to let you know that I finally got my mitts on a bottle of Superdrug’s limited edition pear drops shampoo! As they didn’t have it in my local store I had to order online, taking advantage of the free deliveryContinue reading “Superdrug Limited Edition Pear Drops Shampoo”

Arran Aromatics review

Evening everyone, This post is a review of a few travel sized toiletries which my mother bought me from Arran Aromatics in Scotland. Their website states that the vast majority of their formulations do not contain animal ingredients (with the exception of some bee products in a few formulations). Their statement says they are also concernedContinue reading “Arran Aromatics review”

Superdrug floral fresh shave gel

Evening everyone, hope your weekend has been a good one! I apologise for not posting yesterday, after I came home I suffered with a pretty bad headache so I rubbed on some peppermint oil and went to bed. Here’s a little review for you today While I have been using coconut oil for shaving, IContinue reading “Superdrug floral fresh shave gel”

Superdrug limited edition sweet shop range

Afternoon! When I saw that Superdrug had a limited edition sweet shop range I went to my local store at the earliest opportunity and paid in 20p coins (because that’s all I have left right now). I bought three of the products as that was all they had in my store. The first product IContinue reading “Superdrug limited edition sweet shop range”

Bomb cosmetics shower soap

Morning everyone, I recently received a little shower soap from Bomb Cosmetics as a gift. The soap was in the scent ‘shower flower’ and was £3.99. I must be honest, I wasn’t fussed on this product. The scent is subtle when you wash with it, and after drying the skin just smells of generic soap.Continue reading “Bomb cosmetics shower soap”

Nail polish review (Model’s Own and Barry M)

Morning all! I don’t wear nail polish often, I find it takes too long to apply and that I can’t always get it right. However, I don’t think that anything beats having pretty coloured nails, it’s just something that really cheers me up. I’m going to review six polishes that I really like, and toContinue reading “Nail polish review (Model’s Own and Barry M)”

Dr Organic Moroccan argan oil shampoo

Morning! Sorry I haven’t been posting I’ve had all sorts of stuff to sort out, and I have a job interview today! I’ve been working on this review for a bit so I thought I’d post it before I leave. While I was at the till in Holland & Barrett I was given a shampooContinue reading “Dr Organic Moroccan argan oil shampoo”