Kimberly Sayer light cleansing lotion

Morning everyone, I’m always trying out new skincare products, looking for ways to keep my skin clean and spot free so I got a 1.5ml sample of Kimberly Sayer light cleansing lotion from Naturisimo for 50p just to give it a try. The lotion contains rosemary extract and lemon oil to deep cleanse skin and minimiseContinue reading “Kimberly Sayer light cleansing lotion”

Saiya natural mineral powders

Afternoon everyone, I’ve been looking for cheap cruelty free samples so that I can try products out to find something I love. I recently received a delivery of natural mineral powders from Saiya, this website was easy to use, the price was great and delivery was very quick. I paid £1.50 delivery for 5 freeContinue reading “Saiya natural mineral powders”

Superdrug superfruits clay mask

Hi everyone, hope you’re all okay. I’ve been eating and writing reviews of the products in my Flowbox. It was a very lovely and thoughtful present from my friends. While I am finishing those reviews here is a different product review for you. You may remember my Deep Sea clay mask review, at the timeContinue reading “Superdrug superfruits clay mask”

Suki transformative purifying mask

Good morning world! I’ve been trying out some of the little samples I bought from Naturisimo and last night I used Suki transformative purifying mask. This is supposed to be ‘the ultimate stress reducer for your worst skin problems and as your go to overnight spot weapon’. That description sounded like a winner for me,Continue reading “Suki transformative purifying mask”

On the quest to banish acne

Good evening, sorry I’m only posting one review today but it’s been a hectic day. There’s a possibility that I can get some more up later, if not then tomorrow. I’m not going to lie, I suffer with acne. It’s not particularly bad but still enough to annoy me on a daily basis so I’mContinue reading “On the quest to banish acne”

Put the lime in the coconut

Morning all, today I will be scheduling a couple of other posts to go up as I will be gone for a while attending my graduation. Firstly, I’m going to review Superdrug’s coconut oil, and the benefits of coconut oil more generally. I have been using coconut oil for a few months now, using itContinue reading “Put the lime in the coconut”