My first threading experience

Hi everyone, I’m still in the process of trying new things, writing reviews and editing photos. I underestimated how little time I would have this weekend as I spent Saturday shopping and today I went out for a Mother’s Day meal. While I was out in town I decided to take the plunge and getContinue reading “My first threading experience”

What I’ve been reading: February

Hi everyone, Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I worked until 9pm and was back in again this morning so I didn’t have time. So here is my ‘what I’ve been reading’, a couple of days late. The books I have been reading over the last month are the The Skeleton Cupboard, The Girl Who KickedContinue reading “What I’ve been reading: February”

Coffee Punks review

Hi everyone, It’s Sunday and I’m sad because I didn’t get to do everything I wanted this weekend, that’s the problem with me and my never ending lists. I’m hoping that sprucing my house up will give me a feeling of achievement. I’m still so happy that my money came through and as well asContinue reading “Coffee Punks review”

What I’ve been reading: December and January

Hi everyone, It feels good to be back posting, this bloody laptop will be the death of me! I thought I’d start a series of posts that are a little different, I’ve recently got back into reading as it gives me something to do on the bus on the way to work. So I’m going toContinue reading “What I’ve been reading: December and January”

Anxiety app reviews

Evening everyone, This weekend has been very busy, especially as I only have a couple of days to see friends and family and tick off a massive list of things to do. I thought that today I post a larger post which I have been putting off. This is going to be a review of anxietyContinue reading “Anxiety app reviews”