Swansea Vegan Eats

Hi everyone,

Well, it has been a long time since I lasted posted and since my laptop died in front of my eyes and I lost all my data. I forgot to apply the old gaming adage of saving often but I won’t be making that mistake again. As a result, I lost 80% of my blog work and most of my photos so unfortunately the posts I managed to save will be either photoless or have Instagram photos instead.

It’s bank holiday Monday, the start of May and the start of a week off work for me so I figured that now is the perfect time to start the blog back up. I thought I would give a rundown of all the places in my city where I’ve eaten vegan food, including independent and chain restaurants, and also places which I’d like to eat at in the future.

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An update

Hey everyone,

This is just a post to let you know that I won’t be able to post for a while.  I got home from work in a crappy mood after a rubbish day and my laptop died. I broke down for a bit because I was feeling sorry for myself, especially as I had spent all weekend writing reviews and I forgot to back up my data. So I have lost everything, all my photos, all my files and basically everything on my laptop, including the work I’ve done for my blog. I feel like an idiot right now, I can’t get my laptop back for a week and I’ll have to start all over again because I don’t even have photographs to post. But oh well, there’s nothing I can do about it now, I won’t be able to post for maybe up to two weeks. I’m hoping to buy more to review at the end of this week but it will take some time to get everything up and running again.

I hope your week is going better than mine


Cruelty Free Body Wash Review

Who doesn’t love some nice smellies in the shower? As much as I like a good long bath now and again I just can’t make time in the working week so a treat in the shower is as good as it gets for me most days.

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Vegan Chocolate Review

Well my holiday is over 😦 Today is my first day back and work and I have been dreading the 6am starts but I suppose getting back into a routine is a good thing. It’s dreary Mondays like this that a bit of chocolate goes down a treat, and who doesn’t love chocolate? I will concede that not all vegan chocolate is amazing, but there are hits and misses with dairy chocolate as well. Recently I have tried some really great vegan chocolate so I thought I’d give you a look at what I’ve been eating.

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Sukin Skincare Review

Hi everyone,

It’s Friday! I only have this weekend and I’m back to work 😦 I’ve been getting a few things done this week but I have mostly been spoiling myself and having a good time.

As far as I can remember I have never had a complete skincare set from one company so when I received this set from Sukin as a present I was excited to try the products out. Read More

Savoury Vegan Snacks Review

 Hi everyone,

I had a lot of fun getting back into Twitter a bit last night and taking part in the weekly #veganhour. I am already exhausted this week but only two more days to go until my annual leave and I’m quite excited about that.

As much as I love a little sweet treat now and again my favourite types of snacks are savoury in nature. It is a bit disappointing that there seems to be less savoury snacks made for vegans in comparison to sweet snacks. Saying that, there are a few gems that I’ve picked up recently that I thought I would review.

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Superdrug Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Hi everyone,

I’ve had an awful couple of weeks off work with shoulder pain that came on out of the blue, I spent most of that time asleep due to strong painkillers and it just generally was an experience I don’t wish to repeat. I also have costochondritis now, with inflammation of the cartilage of my ribs and breastbone and I’ve been told there’s nothing that can be done and it will be a recurrent problem. I feel like a walking disaster. I am actually happy to be going back to work tomorrow because even though I’m still in pain it’s much better than it was a couple of weeks ago and I am fed up of not being able to do anything. Today I am reviewing a mouth care product for you.

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