Vegan Chocolate Review Part Two

Hi everyone!

It’s the weekend! I’m spending all of it relaxing at home and catching up on everything I need to do. Today I thought I would review some vegan chocolate that I’ve been eating recently. Continue reading “Vegan Chocolate Review Part Two”


Vegan Desserts Review

Hey everyone, I know every man, woman and child has been saying how hot it is in the UK right now but they are right, it is unbearably hot. It’s made worse for me by not being able to have all the windows open because of the cats, and by baking bus journeys to work. Also, I came down with the flu (who gets the flu in summer? This Girl, that’s who!) so that’s added to the discomfort. I struggled into work yesterday, feeling worse and worse during the ride to work and ended up having a panic attack, my first in a good while, then I nearly fainted. So yeah, not a great day. At least the weather is cooling down now so we can all have a break. I’m settling into work and looking forward to July, my birthday and the start of the many weddings I have to attend this year. It’s also getting closer to my holiday off work and Swansea Vegfest. All good things. Now onto today’s review.

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Vegan Sweet Treats Review

Hi everyone,

It’s the second week of my new job and I’m still finding my feet, the people at work seem really nice and I’m hoping that I can stay in this position for a while. I feel like I’ve had so many short jobs and I never really make a base and get to know people. In myself right now I am feeling tired, I think it’s a lack of quality sleep as I have so many issues at night time. That’s something I am working on because I find myself almost nodding off all the time and it’s not a good look. I am excited that the weather is getting warmer, summer is almost here which means my birthday is just around the corner as well as my vegan anniversary. Good things are on the horizon. Now onto today’s review.

As much as a love a savoury snack I do like to treat myself to something sweet now and again so today I’m reviewing some sweet treats that I’ve tried recently.

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Vegan Recipes Review

Hi everyone!

It’s the middle of the week and I am dreaming of the weekend and a lie in. I spoilt myself with having two weeks off! The new job is going okay, I am picking stuff up, getting to know everyone and the six hour shifts are pretty nice. Sure I have to travel a bit further on the bus, but I get more of a chance to read and have finished one book already this week. When I get home I like nothing more than to cook a massive plate of food so I thought I would talk about a few meals I like to make at home.

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Cruelty Free Hair Care Review

Hi everyone,

Sorry I have been away for a week, I was going through some personal stuff last week and didn’t really feel like doing anything, including posting. Although I do have some good news, I am starting a new job next week and it’s permanent so I have a little more job security. It’s also fewer hours than my last job so I’ll have more time on my hands. I’m quite anxious about starting, new environments and people and all that but I’m crossing my fingers that all goes well.

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Vegan Substitutes Review

Hi everyone,

The nice weather has disappeared and we are having torrential rain right now, I wish the sun would come back out. I can’t wait for summer. This week is a little bit exciting for me but I don’t want to say anything until everything is totally confirmed, I will let you know next week if everything goes to plan.

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Cruelty Free Body Care Review

Hi everyone,

I am so glad for the time I’ve had off, it definitely gave me the opportunity to relax, get organised and spend quality time with my husband while we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. It’s back to work tomorrow and I’m going to have to drag myself kicking and screaming at six in the morning. Today I have a body care review for you. As you might remember I lost a lot of my content when my laptop died and this is one of the posts that I’ve lost all the photos for, however, I thought I would post it for you anyway.

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Swansea Vegan Eats

Hi everyone,

Well, it has been a long time since I lasted posted and since my laptop died in front of my eyes and I lost all my data. I forgot to apply the old gaming adage of saving often but I won’t be making that mistake again. As a result, I lost 80% of my blog work and most of my photos so unfortunately the posts I managed to save will be either photoless or have Instagram photos instead.

It’s bank holiday Monday, the start of May and the start of a week off work for me so I figured that now is the perfect time to start the blog back up. I thought I would give a rundown of all the places in my city where I’ve eaten vegan food, including independent and chain restaurants, and also places which I’d like to eat at in the future.

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An update

Hey everyone,

This is just a post to let you know that I won’t be able to post for a while.  I got home from work in a crappy mood after a rubbish day and my laptop died. I broke down for a bit because I was feeling sorry for myself, especially as I had spent all weekend writing reviews and I forgot to back up my data. So I have lost everything, all my photos, all my files and basically everything on my laptop, including the work I’ve done for my blog. I feel like an idiot right now, I can’t get my laptop back for a week and I’ll have to start all over again because I don’t even have photographs to post. But oh well, there’s nothing I can do about it now, I won’t be able to post for maybe up to two weeks. I’m hoping to buy more to review at the end of this week but it will take some time to get everything up and running again.

I hope your week is going better than mine