Rehlauf roasted soya beans

Hello! Hope you’re all okay, I’ve been up all night with a faulty fire alarm so I’m exhausted.

This is another product which was in my Flowbox, there were so many products in this box! I’m going to review the Rehlauf roasted soya beans in the Thai chili and lemongrass flavour.

IMG_3094edit IMG_3095edit

I do not like Thai seasonings, especially not lemongrass but I love roasted soya beans and like to give everything a chance. These were actually pretty good, they were crunchy but quickly soft and had a good texture. The beans were not too spicy but had a long lasting aftertaste of deep spice and sugar. In my opinion they taste more like curry than chili and lemongrass. These German roasted soya beans have 50% less fat and 50% more protein than similar peanut products, with 30g of this 75g product containing 12g of protein. Rehlauf also produce the soya beans in natural, wasabi, and salt and black pepper varieties. I can only find this brand on German websites so the prices are all in euros, but this product should be pretty available for delivery across Europe.

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July favourites

Hello again!

Wow, I’ve been blogging for just over a month now and we’ve come to the end of July. It’s been a busy month for me with graduation and turning 25 so here’s a list of the products which got me through.


Cacao and raspberry Nom bar– A really lovely bar which I found great for on the go snacking, of all the bars I tried this month the Nom bar was my favourite.

Tropical Urban Fruit– A healthy snack which again is great for portability, tasty little bites of sunshine which brightened up my day.

Booja Booja ice cream– This creamy coconut ice cream was like heaven to me, it’s always nice to have a bit of ice cream to cheer you up.

Vegan French Toast– My final food item, and a now a breakfast staple for me when I have a bit of time for cooking in the morning. This quick and easy French toast is scrumptious and filling, and now I’ve tried it with thick bread I am never looking back.


Oatly apple and pear– A fantastic combination of oats and juices which is delicious, surprising and perfect for summer picnics.

Rebel Kitchen chocolate mylk– A refreshing yet creamy chocolate milk in a handy little carton.

Choc Shot coconut– My go to hot drink, easy to mix with hot milk and great with vegan mallows. I also love this chocolate as a milkshake.


Saiya natural mineral powders– While I don’t have the money for the full sized products yet, the samples I tried left my face looking perfect and airbrushed.

Gosh foundation and BB cream– My staple face products, I love the coverage, lasting effects and skin tone match of both of these products.


Superdrug dry shampoo– These two dry shampoos have saved my life this summer and helped me keep my hair clean all day.

Superdrug pro vitamin full volume shampoo– This shampoo has been a great help in giving my fine hair some extra body.


Superdrug Naturally Radiant range, including the Hot cloth cleanser– This range has been a blessing, the products smell fantastic and have really given my pale skin a healthy summer glow.

Coconut oil– The final product of my favourites, I have been loving coconut oil for a while but I recently started using it as a replacement for shaving foam and my beauty regime has been transformed.

Other things which I have been enjoying which I haven’t reviewed are a radish fattoush, and also plenty of fresh fruit.

What have you enjoyed during July?


Cacoa and raspberry Nom oat bar

Evening all, hope you’ve had a nice Saturday,

This is yet another product out of my seemingly endless Flowbox, it’s the cacoa and raspberry Nom bar.


This raw oat bar has simple and natural ingredients, and because it’s raw it’s never baked. When I opened the packet the first thing I noticed is that I was expecting it to be a flapjack bar but it was more crumbly, like an oat biscuit. I had to hold my hand under my mouth so I didn’t lose any of the deliciousness on the floor. The bar was very sweet and filling, I could taste the coconut and oats but also that lovely creamy and tangy pairing of chocolate and raspberry, which was divine. The 52g bar is £1.49 from Ocado or Evolution Organics stock the bars for £1.59 and the Nom popcorn for £1.99. I am really interested in trying the banana flavour in the near future, and the popcorn of course.

Have a great weekend,


Biscru courgette and curry crackers

Hey everyone,

This review is for another product which came in the Flowbox, and probably the only product I didn’t like. Biscru courgette and curry crackers.


This 70g packet contains small raw crackers made from courgette and various other ingredients, which are flavoured like curry. Now I’m not a big fan of curry unless it’s a korma and I do not like courgette but I was willing to give them a try. The crackers have a similar sort of texture to nairns and to be honest I couldn’t notice the courgette at all. My issue is that for a product which states it contains 2% curry the flavour was intense, not particularly hot but just full of spice to the point where it overpowered any other tastes which may have been in the cracker. I had a look at their website (which is in French, thank the stars for Google Translate) and discovered a few other flavours they produce which may agree with me more, those are; banana and blueberry, tomato and paprika, beet and carrot, cocoa coco, and sesame and coco. These crackers don’t seem widely available in the UK but I have seen a couple of varieties available on Real Foods for £3.49. I obviously can’t say whether any other variety of the crackers are worth this price but unless you are a big fan of curry, the variety I tried is not worth it.

Have a great Saturday,


Vita Coco with pineapple

Evening everyone,

The weather is getting warmer lately and it’s important to stay hydrated, hence my second drink review of the day. Now it upsets me to say that despite my absolute love of everything coconut I cannot stand coconut water, something about it is too thick and nutty for me. I never give up without trying a few times though, and I decided to buy the Vita Coco with pineapple.


I found this drink delicious, the addition of pineapple thins the coconut water and the sweet/sourness of the pineapple gives an extra layer to the water that I find appealing. The coconut water contains potassium and vitamin C so there are extra health bonuses to drinking it. I bought this 250ml carton for £1.61 on offer at Holland & Barrett, its regular price is £2.15. Vita Coco also comes in other varieties including; peach and mango, lemonade, acai and pomegranate, and passionfruit. Vita Coco also make a coffee range but this contains dairy milk, I don’t know why they couldn’t add coconut milk instead.

Have a great night, the weekend is finally here!


Oatly apple and pear


This review is for another product which came in my Flowbox, Oatly apple and pear oat drink.


I was a little taken aback when I saw this in the box, as someone who loves Oatly milk I was stunned that they had a juice drink that I didn’t know existed. The 250ml carton is cute, maybe something you might give to the kids but I really liked it and pretty much drank it all straight away. It took a few sips to get used to the oat notes behind the juices, it was a very interesting mixture and kind of reminded me of an apple crumble or a fruity porridge. I think this is a delicious drink that would be great for adults and kids alike, and something you’d be happy drinking at a picnic on a sunny day like today. You can buy a pack of 3 small cartons from Ocado for £1.79 or a large 1 litre carton of the orange and mango flavour for the same price.

Have a lovely day,


Vegan chocolate review

Evening, hope you’ve had a good day,

This review is for another product from my Flowbox, the 69% cacoa, goji berry and orange chocolate bar from the Raw Choc Company.


This Fairtrade, raw and organic chocolate bar has won a great taste award in 2013 so I was really excited to try it. The chocolate is very dark and bitter but fruity and a little creamy, but I could only eat a few chunks at once because it is quite rich. While I liked this bar I would like to try their vanoffee variety which is white chocolate with a vanilla toffee flavouring, this just sounds gorgeous to me! As well as chocolate bars, the Raw Chocolate Co produces chocolate covered dried fruit and superfood powders for making your own chocolate, or to add in to smoothies. The Real Foods website stocks both the 22g and 44g chocolate bars which cost 99p and £1.99, respectively.

I’m also just going to tack on a small review for another chocolate bar which a friend gave me to try, a Ruffle bar.


The chocolate coating was creamy and not too dark, the raspberry filling was flavourful, creamy but extremely sweet. The texture was lovely, and the desiccated coconut was a nice addition. I think this bar would be okay as an occasional treat but the bar was so sweet that I felt a little sick afterwards so I wouldn’t go devouring a multipack in one sitting. Sainsbury’s stock a 5 pack of these 26g bars for £1.50. You can also find single bites of this chocolate at poundland.

Have a great night, more reviews on their way tomorrow,


Nairns snackers review

Morning everyone, today the British summer has blessed us with sun, shocker!

Here’s a little review to start your day, I’m always carrying around a snack of some sort so I can eat something on the bus, or in between meals. I was shopping at Holland & Barrett and found a reduced pack of Nairns Snackers in the caramelised onion flavour.


These are thin crackers made from baked oats and are delicious! They are crispy but melt in the mouth. Their flavour begins as a sort of pickled onion taste but this mellows out to sweet onion very quickly and mixes with the oat flavour which is lovely. Benefits of this snack are that oats are a form of slow release energy and contain phosphorus and manganese which help transform carbohydrates into usable energy. This 23g pack usually retails at 55p but I picked it up for 29p as it was going out of date. Snackers also come in a cheese variety but these are not vegan.

Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts,


Chocolate overload recipe


I was getting a little fed up with just eating cupcakes on their own so with a few ingredients I had lying around I set about making a jazzed up chocolate dessert.


First I heated some soya milk with corn starch, sugar and vanilla extract to make a cream (It turned out a bit too thick as it was my first time making it). I laid 4 cupcakes down on a plate (these were made using the recipe mentioned in this review), and I spooned some peanut butter on the plate around them. I then scooped some chocolate snowconut frozen yoghurt onto the plate. After this I dribbled coconut Choc Shot all over the dessert, followed by a little maple syrup and finally I sprinkled Linwood’s milled flax seed, almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts and q10 and icing sugar over the top. This dessert was rich, chocolatey and sweet. To be honest I was stuffed after eating the whole plate so next time I will make a smaller portion so I don’t feel so greedy.

Have a lovely night,


Kimberly Sayer light cleansing lotion

Morning everyone,

I’m always trying out new skincare products, looking for ways to keep my skin clean and spot free so I got a 1.5ml sample of Kimberly Sayer light cleansing lotion from Naturisimo for 50p just to give it a try. The lotion contains rosemary extract and lemon oil to deep cleanse skin and minimise oil, balance the PH level of the skin and is supposed to gently remove makeup. The product also contains ginseng root extract which also acts to minimise oil production, reducing acne.


This formulation is for combination, oily and blemish prone skin. The suggested use for this product is twice daily, however I found 1.5ml was only enough for a single application. I massaged it into my skin and removed with water and cotton pads. While this product is supposed to be used before toning and moisturising I refrained from doing this just to see how my skin felt afterwards. The product smells fresh and is easy to apply and wash off, it has a refreshing feel on the skin but once it washed off I felt my skin was slightly more greasy than usual. It wasn’t greasy enough to worry me but was a little annoying as the product is supposed to minimise oil. The cleansing lotion is vegan, many of the ingredients are organic and it is free from parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, sulfates, and artificial fragrances. There are also many other products from this brand to choose from. The light cleansing lotion is £21 for 120ml at full price, and I am undecided as to whether this is worth the price as I didn’t have much product to judge its effectiveness.

Have a great day!