Raw Health rubylicious beet balls

Evening all,

This is another product which came in my birthday Flowbox, rubylicious beet balls from Raw Health.


These are three little raw balls made from dates, brazil nuts, raisins, beetroot powder, coconut, agave syrup, pecan nuts and baobab powder. Each of these ingredients is certified organic. I found this little 60g box so cute, especially since the balls sit in tiny cupcake cases. The first thing that struck is there was no smell coming from them, and they were quite firm when picked up. When I took a bite the balls were soft and chewy, sweet and earthy with little chunks of nuts in the centre. You can really sink your teeth in to these little bites of loveliness, and they feel like a little bit of luxury whilst also being super healthy. I didn’t get as much beetroot from the balls as I would have liked but I also didn’t really notice the dried fruit which was fantastic, considering the issues I’ve had with other snacks. Holland & Barrett stock a range of Raw Health’s products including; fruity coconut, zesty lemon and chia, chocada truffles, and spirulina orange, their prices range from £1.99 to £4.49. This obviously isn’t something I’m going to buy every week but once in a while for a treat I think these raw balls are perfect.

Have a great night,


Veggie stir fry recipe

Afternoon everyone,

I don’t like to post a lot of the food I cook for myself, mainly because I’m more interested in taste and actually eating the food than I am with pretty presentation and photographing my plate but if there’s one quick dish that I like to whip up when hunger strikes it’s a stir fry.


Last week I had a bunch of leftover vegetables so I figured that I would chuck them all in and see what the result would be. First I heated some oil then added chopped garlic and frozen chopped onion, once this started to gain some colour I added chili powder, cayenne powder, salt and pepper. After I put the dry seasonings in the pan and mixed them with the garlic and onion I added slices of avocado, half a tin of water chestnuts and a handful of sliced greens. While these were frying I boiled some water and used it to cover a pack of instant noodles and some frozen peas in a bowl so they partially cooked. A few minutes later I added sliced radishes and spring onions to the pan, and then the noodles and peas. I gave everything a couple of minutes to cook and then added the liquid seasonings, I used rice wine vinegar, smoke flavouring, mirin and toasted sesame oil. The stir fry came out with a good mixture of soft noodles and crunchy vegetables and the flavour was great. I will be using more vegetables in my stir frys when I am able, I usually just use tinned and frozen vegetables. You will also notice that I haven’t given directions as to how much seasoning to use, this is because I add seasoning and taste to tailor the recipe to what I want in that moment. This is how I usually cook and it usually comes out exactly how I wanted.

So for a simple list this is what went into the dish

  • Chopped garlic
  • Frozen chopped onion
  • Mild chili powder
  • Cayenne powder
  • Salt and pepper
  • Avocado
  • Tinned water chestnuts
  • Instant noodles
  • Rice wine vinegar
  • Mirin
  • Smoke flavouring
  • Toasted sesame oil
  • Frozen peas
  • Sliced greens
  • Sliced radishes
  • Spring onions

I hope you’re having a great day,


Saiya natural mineral powders

Afternoon everyone,

I’ve been looking for cheap cruelty free samples so that I can try products out to find something I love. I recently received a delivery of natural mineral powders from Saiya, this website was easy to use, the price was great and delivery was very quick. I paid £1.50 delivery for 5 free samples, good value in my opinion. This brand is registered and approved by the Vegan society and their website states that their powders contain no animal products and their make-up is 100% natural. I ordered 2 colour correctors, 1 foundation, 1 finishing powder and a blush, all of which weighed .25g and provided spf 15 which is a great added bonus.


I’ll start my review with the colour correctors, the green powder is designed to cover red marks including spots and blemishes. I applied it with a brush over the red imperfections on my face and noticed an instant improvement, I also noticed that my skin was very white wherever I applied the corrector so I stuck with it and hoped the foundation would solve this.


The yellow powder is designed to cover uneven skin tone and dark circles, I was most excited about the prospect of finally finding a product to cover my panda eyes. It worked! I applied the product with a brush under my eyes, using my finger to smooth out powder which had sat in the creases, the powder gave good coverage and removed a lot of the purple shininess under my eyes. Both of these correctors are available to buy from Saiya’s website with a 4g pot costing £9.


After applying both colour correctors I used a larger brush to apply the powder foundation all over my face, I chose the lightest shade available (01f fair). The foundation provides good coverage, is a great match for my skin and feels light on the skin. The problem I find with powders is that if I don’t scrub my skin before applying then it tends to stick to dried patches which ruins the look, which may be something to keep in mind if you experience the same problem. Saiya stock 11 different shades of foundation so they have a good selection, and you could even use the 5 free samples offer to find your perfect shade. They stock a few sizes of their foundation; the regular 4g pot is currently on sale for £12.80 down from £16, a try me pot of 1g which is currently £4.40 down from £7.70 and a large 10g pot which is currently £34.80 down from £38. So the powder is a little expensive, at least for my pocket but if you love mineral powders and have the money to invest then I suggest you get some samples and see if you’ll love it as much as I did.


Once the foundation was applied I swept over a little of the finishing powder, this powder looked too dark for my skin tone in the packet but it wasn’t as dark on the skin. Still, I found I didn’t really need this powder and it was a little too dark for my skin tone. I used the neutral 01n, and there are two other shades available, warm and dark. A 4g pot costs £21 which I find quite expensive, especially since I didn’t really need it.


Once the finishing powder was applied I picked up a smaller brush and swept a little of the blush along my cheekbones, I used the 01m Sakura light pink which is no longer on their website so the closest shade is probably the 01s white pink. This is a very pretty shade of pink which I blended in so it wasn’t so dominant on my face. Saiya stock 9 shades of blush including deep pinks and copper shades, a 4g pot costs £9.


When I had applied all of the powders my face looked airbrushed, like Photoshop you can apply with a brush. It was strange looking at myself like that, and obviously you could notice the imperfections up close, but I liked the effect though I am not sure I would fork out all that money for the full sized products.

Have a great day, even if it is Monday,


Soffle’s pitta chips

Morning! It’s Sunday and I feel like I’ve been writing reviews for days. Sorry I haven’t managed to post anything for a couple of days, I have been busy and also eating everything in my Flowbox and writing reviews. This is the first review from the box.

I got a pack of Soffle’s mild, chilli and garlic roasting pitta chips and was very excited when I pulled them out of the box as I love pitta chips and I really liked the packaging.


These chips are lovely and crunchy with a subtle flavour, there just wasn’t enough chili in there for my liking. This flavour of Soffle’s also comes in a ‘wild’ variety which is stronger so I think I will have to get a pack of those to try so I can get the full scotch bonnet experience. While the flavour of the mild chips is as mild as you’d expect the flavour is still delicious so I really enjoyed crunching on these. The pack is 60g and that just isn’t enough for me, I’d prefer a bigger pack which just shows how much I loved these chips. Soffle’s also produce a rosemary and thyme flavour which I am very interested in trying as it sounds really tasty, they also make a spring onion and parmesan cheese flavour but this is not vegan so I won’t be trying it. I’ve had a little trawl of the internet and found that you can buy these lovely pitta chips for £1.19 a pack on the Real Foods website. So if you are interested then I’d say that is a great price for a great product and you could probably pick up a bunch of other vegan products at the same time.

I’ve really enjoyed making my way through this Flowbox which was a thoughtful birthday present from my friends, keep an eye out for more reviews coming out.

Have a happy Sunday


Superdrug superfruits clay mask

Hi everyone, hope you’re all okay. I’ve been eating and writing reviews of the products in my Flowbox. It was a very lovely and thoughtful present from my friends. While I am finishing those reviews here is a different product review for you.

You may remember my Deep Sea clay mask review, at the time of buying this mask I purchased three others, one of which I am going to review now. I bought the Superdrug Superfruit clay mask, this product has a similar texture to the other clay mask, if a little smoother.

IMG_2997edit IMG_2998edit

I found that this mask also burnt a bit as it was drying, but this is probably because I have sensitive skin and once it is dry then this sensation passes and I didn’t find it too uncomfortable. I feel like I need to rave about the smell of this mask, it is really fruity and I enjoyed a change from ‘boring’ scented products. Maybe because it’s summer, maybe because I just fancied a change but this product is fantastic. The mask is very white when applied which lead to a funny situation where my husband saw me in poor lighting and thought I was about to pass out. I looked like a ghost! Again, there is plenty in the packet for two applications so it’s a great value product, and it washes off very easily. In terms of the mask’s ingredients, it contains goji and acai berries, and pomegranate which act to revitalise and nourish the skin. Additionally the mask removes dirt, oil and impurities with the addition of Dead Sea salt. The superfruit clay mask is suitable for all skin types and is 99p at Superdrug, which is a steal really.

Have an amazing day, I’m going to continue to munch on my snacks,


Tropical Urban fruit, sunshine in a bag

Evening everyone,

I have just picked up a pack of Urban Fruit tremendously tropical, an equal mix of mango, coconut, pineapple and banana pieces which have been gently baked.


The packet states that this product is ‘sunshine in a bag’ and they aren’t lying. As soon as you open the bag there is a glorious smell of tropical fruit that smells like summer and invites you to take a bite. The coconut is slightly crunchy then soft and moist, the mango is a little tough to be honest (though I find that with all dried mango) and the banana and pineapple are chewy and sweet. Each piece of fruit is packed with flavour and the product contains nothing more than the baked fruit itself so it’s all very natural which s great. Additionally, there is one of your five a day in each 20g of the 100g bag. I paid £2 for this 100g bag from Sainsbury’s. Urban fruit also produce other packets of baked fruit joy including; superfruit, strawberry, and cherry so if tropical fruit doesn’t float your boat then there are other options available.

Hope you’ve had a great day,


Smooze! through summer


Summer is a fickle thing in Britain, I find myself reaching for the kettle one day and ice cream the next. During my last shop I was on the lookout for something cold but less dairy-like, something fruity and not full of chocolate. That’s when I discovered Smooze! fruit ice pops, which are a throwback to the triangle shaped are basically, cardboard packaged lollies I had as a child.


(I apologise for this photo, the ice pop got crushed as it was freezing)

These, however, are made with creamy coconut milk which obviously excited me as you know I love coconut. The variety I bought also had mango, and to be honest I tasted more of this flavour than the coconut but the lolly was still really refreshing and I enjoyed it thoroughly. My only issue is that these come in liquid form in a box and need to be frozen before you can eat them, I wish they came ready frozen. These also come in plain coconut, coconut and guava, and coconut and pineapple varieties, although they only stock the plain coconut and coconut and mango at Sainsbury’s. I paid £2.50 for a box of 5 at Sainsbury’s and loved them. I’m really excited to try the coconut and pineapple flavour, virgin pina colada in a lolly? That sounds like summer heaven to me.

Hope you have a great day,


Peanut butter krispie cakes

Hello again,

I’ve been treating myself to lots of lovely peanut butter recently, and had some store brand rice krispies left over from something my husband made. I wondered if there was a way to combine the two so that I didn’t waste the cereal and to simultaneously stop eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon. That’s when I came across this recipe for peanut butter krispie cakes and my heart gave out a little flutter. While I didn’t have any pistachios on hand I had all the other ingredients, including the last bit of a jar of agar agar which I had been saving. The recipe was simple enough to make and the krispie cakes set well in the fridge. They were crunchy, nutty, sweet and salty. Generally a delight. Also, the peanut butter and maple syrup combination was dreamy.

IMG_2950edit edit

Hope you’ve had a fantastic Wednesday, I’m 25 now it’s so weird!


Alpro yoghurt review

Evening everyone, sorry I didn’t post this morning, it’s my birthday and I’ve been busy, here’s the first of two posts for today,

I like a nice yoghurt after finishing a meal, and while I enjoyed the Sojade hemp yoghurts this time I opted for a pack of Alpro ones from the supermarket. I bought the strawberry/banana and peach/pear pack. Both flavours were creamy, fruity and sour like the real thing but there was still that taste of soya which I am finding more and more unpleasant.


I much preferred the peach/pear flavour to the strawberry/banana which surprised me as I bought the pack for the strawberry and banana, I don’t really like peaches or pears. While these yoghurts were okay, I did prefer the Sojade yoghurts to the strawberry and banana Alpro, but did rate the peach and pear Alpro as better than the Sojade yoghurts. I paid £1.85 for a pack of four at Sainsbury’s. Sainsbury’s also stock these four packs in cherry and blueberry and blackberry, elderflower and pomegranate. They also stock large pots of yoghurt such as strawberry and rhubarb. I personally like their little pots of creamy desserts.

Thanks for reading,


Flavoured garbanzo beans review

Hello again,

I picked up a pack of tomato, garlic and herb flavoured garbanzo beans as a snack for a bus ride, and they were just okay.


I wasn’t really excited by the flavour, the chickpeas really lacked that strong Italian flavour I was looking for. Don’t get me wrong, the flavour was pleasant, it just lacked punch. The crunch of the beans was great, and they quickly broke down so they weren’t too tough on my teeth. If you are looking for a healthier snack option these garbanzo beans have only 88 kcal and 2% fat per portion. I paid £1.25 for a 65g bag at Holland & Barrett, they also stock Thai sweet chilli and Bombay fire cracker varieties.

Have a great night, tomorrow is my birthday so I’m excited,