Meridian almond bar

Evening everyone,

After I really liked the peanut Meridian bar the other day I bought another bar, this time I got the almond variety.


I’m still trying to eat new things, and while I don’t particularly like almonds I enjoyed the peanut bar so much I thought it was worth a try. The texture was pretty much the same as the peanut bar, with little chunks of almond added for crunch but I didn’t like the taste.


If you like almonds and almond butter then this bar would definitely be a great buy. I bought this 40g bar for £1.49 from Holland & Barrett, I may go back and buy the cashew variety just so I can say that I’ve tried all three but I’m sure that the peanut one will still be my favourite.

Another review on the way,


Lotus biscuits

Morning, I’m off to my first meeting at the job centre (fun times) and I’m not sure when I’ll be back so I’m just going to post this review for now and I’ll post a little more later.

I had recently been looking through lists of mainstream vegan products and came across Lotus biscuits, I have never tried these even when I was a vegetarian so I thought I would give them a go.


I don’t think I could have handled the spread to I just bought the regular biscuits. These are a lovely size, the biscuits have a good crunch to start with and then simply melt away. They are gorgeous. I’m not really a fan of spiced products or cinnamon but with these biscuits I didn’t really mind the taste.


They are also quite sweet and I think they would be nice with the coffee substitute or hot chocolate that I have reviewed previously but I didn’t get a chance to try this out because almost as soon as I opened the packet they were all gone. Oops! I paid £1.25 for a 250g pack at Sainsbury’s. These biscuits also come in the form of a spread, which isn’t really my thing but I know others enjoy it. Lotus also make a chocolate version of the biscuits but this one is not vegan.

Have a great day,


Beetroot juice?

One more post for tonight, more to follow tomorrow!

While I was in Holland & Barrett, perusing the fridge for goodies I came across a reduced bottle of Love Beets beetroot juice and thought it looked like a good bargain. I’d been meaning to try beetroot juice for a while but just kept forgetting.


I thought to myself that I love beetroot, and it’s cheap so why not? Maybe I don’t like beetroot as much as I had previously thought because I found it very overpowering and even quite sour. I am not sure whether the sour aspect came from the lemon juice in the product or because it was going out of date but it didn’t make a pleasant drink. I paid 65p for a 250ml bottle, which is fair enough to give it a try, but I won’t be buying it again. Holland & Barrett also stock a cherry and berry version of the drink, but as I don’t like cherries I know I wouldn’t like that one.

Have a lovely evening,


Nakd Bars review

Evening everyone,

I did say previously, after trying the pulsin’ bars that I would give Nakd another go. I was kind of spoiled for selection at Holland & Barrett so I decided to only pick two to try. The first bar I ate was the banana crunch variety.


As I opened the packet there was a relatively strong banana scent and I had a small hope that this time it would be different. I took a bite, noticing that the bar was not as crunchy as I was expecting from a product with ‘crunch’ in the name. It was more crumbly and bitty and reminded me of a biscuit, while still being chewy. I just didn’t like it, I could taste the dried fruit and I’m not a fan of dates and raisins. I would say, however, for those of you that aren’t that fussy this bar is a great source of protein, boasting an 18% content. These bars are small and can be taken on the go so that you could even eat them after a good workout at the gym.

The other bar I bought was the cocoa orange variety, as soon as I opened the packet the heavy scent of rich orange chocolate hit me and again I was quite excited.


Same old story, unfortunately I couldn’t get past the taste of the dried fruit. The bar was soft, a little chewy and the chocolate orange flavour was decadent, I wish I would have been able to get passed my issue with dried fruit because I wanted so badly to really enjoy the bar.

The banana bar was 30g and the cocoa orange was 35g, I paid 99p for each at Holland & Barrett. In case these flavours don’t sound appetising to you then I’d check out the entire range available. Flavours such as pecan pie, caffe mocha and rhubarb and custard are on offer so you will probably find the perfect flavour, or flavours for you.

Have a great night, hope Monday wasn’t too hard on you,


Pea mash on toast

This is the last post for today, I hope you’ve enjoyed.

I’ve had a recipe saved in my bookmarks for a while now so I finally decided to get around to making it. It’s a recipe for pea mash on toast, which may sound crazy to some of you but I love peas and to me it sounded lovely.


This recipe was extremely easy to make, the pea mixture takes next to no time to cook and then all you have to do is blitz it in a food processor and plop it on some toast. I added some of the Granovita pate to the toast before adding the pea mash, and then finished the dish with a sprinkle of dried mint. I have to say, this made a tasty meal and I will be making it over and over again. Plus, I think all that green looks fantastic.


Have a great night,


Dried pineapple and banana goodness

Another review, this one’s a little short sorry.

I bought two packets of Whitworth’s dried fruit for on the go snacking, each pack was 50p so they were fairly cheap.


The pineapple was exactly what you’d expect, tasty and tangy little bites of pineapple. The banana was yummy and crunchy but quickly changed to soft creamy banana, the slices were not too sweet as there is no honey in this product. This was a great find as other crispy dried banana products I have purchased in the past have contained honey. Both of these packets were lovely, and handy for on the go snacking.

Whitworth’s also produce other varieties of these handy packets of dried fruit including; apple, raisins, figs and apricots although some of these only come in larger, more expensive packets.

Have a great evening and try not to worry about Monday,


Booja Booja ice cream

Here’s another review for today,

Recently I caved in and bought a rather expensive 110ml pot of Booja Booja ice cream in the coconut hullabaloo flavour (although I lost the receipt and can’t actually recall the price).


However, this ice cream was well worth the money, the coconut flavour was very strong, the product is thick and creamy, sweet and amazing. Honestly, this is the best vegan ice cream I have ever eaten. I know I haven’t tried many types but I don’t think I really have to, I’ve found my perfect product. The ingredients are very simple, just water, agave syrup, coconut milk (22%), cashew nuts and desiccated coconut. I found the desiccated coconut was a great addition as it added a different texture to the creaminess of the ice cream.

I’m interested to try the little pot of hunky punky chocolate although I may stretch to a large pot of pompompous maple pecan just because this was the best ice cream, vegan or not, that I have ever eaten.

Hope your day is going well,


Banana soya milk

It’s me again!

I recently bought a carton of Provamel banana soya milk as a change from my usual chocolate, for something to drink while I was on the go.


I was pretty pleased, it tasted sweet and the banana was not too strong and artificial. The only thing is I am getting tired of now is that lingering soya taste, which is why I have been switching to oat milk recently. The carton size is 250ml so is great for carrying around, for picnics and for giving to children. The milk also contains omega 3 and 6, a great addition. I paid 69p for this in Holland & Barrett. They also stock this carton in chocolate, but Provamel also have a great range of rice, coconut, almond and cashew milks which I am interested to try.

Hope the sun is shining on you, wherever you are,


Granovita Pate

Hello again!

I’m going to review Granovita vegetable pate, it is suitable for vegans and I find it very tasty.


Once opened you must eat it within five days, but I’d be surprised if you didn’t eat the whole tin before then. The pate comes in a small tin and is flavoured with onions, nutritional yeast, salt, herbs, nutmeg and clove, the taste is deep and savoury. It spreads well and I have been using it on ritz crackers with No-Moo, and on toast. The ritz cracker compliments the pate best in my opinion as they are salty and slightly sweet, adding a different texture and taste to the product. The 125g tin is £1.79 at Holland & Barrett and I think it is well worth the price.

Other varieties of Granovita pate are available including; olive in a tin, and mushroom, and original in a tube. They also stock pates made from tofu including; tomato, herb, and spicy Mexican in a tube and pepper and tomato in a tin. So there are plenty of options available. The range retails from £1.59 to £2.69.

More reviews to come, hope your weekend is going well,


Superdrug clay mask

Morning everyone, sorry I didn’t post yesterday, it wasn’t a great day for me. To make up for it I have scheduled a few posts to go up today while I am out with a friend. Here’s the first one.

I’ve been missing face masks recently so I bought a few on offer at Superdrug, the first one I tried was the Superdrug Dead Sea purifying clay mask for oily and blemish prone skin.

IMG_3001edit IMG_3002edit

This clay mask was very easy to apply and the sachet has plenty for 2 applications so it is great value. The product tingles and burns a little but this sensation doesn’t last long so it wasn’t too unpleasant. The mask feels warm, tightens the skin and dries fairly quickly. It also washes off very easily. The skin feels soft afterwards, but I’m not sure it did much for my blemishes. However, my skin looks clearer overall. The mask is scented with eucalyptus and lemon and contains Dead Sea minerals which draw impurities out of the skin. The product also contains Witch hazel and willow bark to deeply clean pores. Willow bark is also used in the Suki mask which I recently reviewed, when you compare the prices of these products then it’s a definite win for the Superdrug mask, which is 99p (currently also on a three for two offer). I bought another three masks while I was shopping at Superdrug so more reviews are to follow.

Have a lovely, lazy Sunday, keep an eye out for more posts today,