Superdrug Naturally Radiant hot cloth cleanser

Good morning! I’m going off to do a course today so I’ll post more later on but for now I’m going to give a quick review of Superdrug Naturally Radiant hot cloth cleanser.

hot cloth

I cannot speak highly enough of this product, for a great price it comes with a muslin cloth which I sometimes use, but I find the cleanser great just on its own. The bottle is 150ml and has lasted me ages as it only takes a small amount to cover the face, so it’s well worth the price. I have never used a face product with cocoa butter in it before, and now I’m left wondering why I’ve been missing out, the cream is thick and luxurious on the skin. It really feels like you are having a mini spa treatment and a bit of ‘me time’. The product smells lovely, fresh with a subtle fruit or floral hint and after using the product my skin feels the softest it has ever been. All the products in the Naturally Radiant range have kiwi fruit and mulberry fruit extracts, leaving skin brighter and more even in tone, in addition to protection against free radicals.

So if this bumper bag of benefits sounds appealing to you then you can pick up the cleanser at Superdrug for £5.99 RRP, and at the moment there is a BOGOF offer across all Superdrug ranges.

Hope your day is full of sunshine,


Introducing Spock and Harley

I thought I would add an extra post to talk about my cats, mainly because they are my world and I think they are cute.

Spock is the eldest of my two, he is a maine coon cross. This is him as a fluffy baby.

2013-05-20 15.23.11

He’s grown quite a bit since then and has calmed down a lot as he’s grown up. He is a massive softy, giving me cuddles several times a day, he sleeps by my feet at night and takes everything that happens in his stride. He’s so chilled out that he actually enjoys going to the vets, probably because he loves attention.

Here’s a couple more photos of him. He is currently 2 years and 3 months old.


Harley is our youngest cat, when I went to pick her up she was in a state and I couldn’t leave her with her owners. She was attacked by their dog, they were feeding her adult cat dries and the vet said that she was probably four weeks old. We also found out later that she had half a reproductive system and only one kidney. Here she is as a kitten

.2013-08-09 20.07.26

Harley is named after Harley Quinn from Batman, she is a funny little character. She’s very timid, loves it when the postman brings us letters, likes to steal fruit to lick and plastic ring pulls to scoot along the floor.

Harley is currently 2 years old.

2014-01-03 18.32.34 IMG_2064

My cats may play fight but they do love eachother, Spock is almost a father figure to Harley, often giving her a bath. Harley doesn’t reciprocate. Here’s a couple of photos of them together, the first was the first time I allowed them to be near each other for a length of time (after Harley had a chance to grow because Spock was a large kitten) and the second was taken last week.

2013-08-17 15.35.4920150405_183312

Anyway, hope you enjoyed finding out a little about my feline friends. More reviews are on their way,


B. Smokey Soft Blendable Kohl Eyeliner & Gosh Eyeshadow Quattro

Hi again, more eye make-up reviews for you today. I’m spoiling you 🙂

I’m going to review B. Smokey Soft Blendable Kohl Eyeliner in Black.

B. eyeliner

I’m not going to beat around the bush, the eyeliner was disappointing. The pigment is great, the smudger is a good idea but the eyeliner is so soft that it travels everywhere, even if you smudge it out. I’ve tried applying primer first and it doesn’t help, I still end up with panda eyes. I foolishly used it to tightline my eyes when I first used it and I absolutely regretted it. Additionally, it’s quite stubborn and difficult to remove, especially along the lash line. In sum, I wouldn’t advise using the product, maybe it’s because I’m not adept at using make-up and I’m doing something wrong but this eyeliner just didn’t work for me. I’m not really that bothered because I hardly ever use eyeliner anyway but still, it was a bit of a waste of money. If you still want to try an eyeliner from this vegan and cruelty free range B. also have a felt eyeliner and a gel eyeliner available.

B. is available at Superdrug, this eyeliner is currently on sale for £4.49 with an offer of buy one get one half price, across the B. range

I’m also going to be reviewing Gosh Eyeshadow Quattro in Driftwood, the complete opposite of the eyeliner, this product is practically perfect in every way.

Gosh quad

I think this is a fantastic little eye shadow quad, which is small enough to pop in your handbag or take on holiday with you. The shades are a creamy white, a pinky brown and then two other shades of brown, so it is easy to create a natural look. The pigment in these colours is fantastic, and you can build up colour to create a smoky eyed look for nig hts out. My only issue is that this eye shadow, and a lot of others I own have glitter in them, this is just a personal preference because I find the glitter travels. This is a great product for a reasonable price which has so far lasted me well, despite me using it every time I apply make-up.

Gosh is available at Superdrug and this quad is £7.99 full price, however there are usually offers on the Gosh range of products so check their website often.

That’s all the make-up reviews for today, there will possibly be some skincare reviews later on today but for now I am off to volunteer.

Enjoy the sunshine,


Gosh Amazing Length & Build Mascara

Hi everyone, hope you are having a lovely day! The weather is starting to get a lot warmer here, I feel like I’ve been waiting for summer for ages and it’s finally arrived so I’m really happy. Anyway, today I am going to review a mascara which I have been using for a few weeks now, it’s the Gosh Amazing Length & Build Mascara Black 10ml.

Gosh Amazing Length & Build Mascara

I have quite naturally long eyelashes so I wasn’t expecting amazing results from the product but I stood corrected. With the pigment boost and brush type my lashes became more noticeable, the mascara accentuated their length and there was good separation between the lashes. The thing I like about this product is that you can give a quick brush for a more natural look or apply several coats for a night out. I know this is the general idea of mascara but with this product there is no heavy build up to make your lashes look like spiders legs. All in all this is a good buy for a great price and if lengthening is not the effect you are looking for Gosh have 14 other reasonably priced mascaras available so there’s something for everyone.

Gosh is available at Superdrug, and this mascara is currently on offer for £4.99 (RRP 5.99).

Stay tuned for more beauty reviews coming out this week, I’m currently snacking on a mass of vegan treats so those reviews will also be on their way soon.

Have a fantastic day,


Tofu, Ramune, Mo Chi and more

I recently made a trip to my local Chinese shop, which is conveniently just round the corner from my house. I really love this store because their items tend to be cheap (which is great for student life), and also because I love the snacks they sell in there.

The first items I picked up were a pack of Koala biscuits and a pack of chocolate filled biscuit tubes, these were mainly for my husband as he is a chocolate fiend! I tried one of each and they were just what you would expect, crunchy sweet biscuit filled with regular milk chocolate. Nothing too special.


In terms of biscuits for myself I bought matcha flavoured Pejoy sticks, they were similar to the chocolate sticks except they were a lot thinner. I figured that everyone has a green tea addiction at the moment so I would give them a go, but I couldn’t get used to the taste or creaminess and they really weren’t for me.


In addition, I picked up a pack of umbrella cookies and they were amazing! They were sweet but also had a strong sesame taste that I really enjoyed. I think I have found my new favourite sweet snack!


The last sweet treat I put in my basket was a pack of mo chi (glutinous rice balls with different fillings), my pack had sesame, peanut and red bean fillings. To be honest the only filling I liked was the peanut, and I also found the peanut powder coating the ball quite interesting. The sesame and red bean paste balls, I could take them or leave them.


Another item I picked up, as the weather has been getting warmer, was a lemon flavoured ramune soda. These little bottles of soda are such a novelty as you have to pop the little marble into the bottle in order to drink them. The soda itself tasted more like bubble gum than lemon but the flavour was subtle and overall I enjoyed both the taste and the experience.


Moving on to savoury snacks, and the reason I went to the store in the first place, I picked up two packs of tofu, one hot flavoured on sticks and the other was spicy without sticks. My staple purchase is the spicy flavoured one (green packaging) because the flavour is so fantastic. Regardless, the texture of this processed tofu is lovely and you can eat it straight out of the pack with your fingers, if you are like me and just can’t wait to sink your teeth into it.


My last purchase from the Chinese shop was a packet of ‘pea snack’, this is basically a puffed crisp that literally tastes like peas. The crisps also taste a little of vinegar, but for someone who loves peas these crisps are something different to snack on and are so moreish.


Well that brings me to the end of this ‘haul’ of food, I will be posting more food reviews soon so if you enjoyed it check back often to see what I’ve been eating.

Have a great day,


Nuts about…nuts!

Nuts are a great addition to vegetarian or vegan diet, easy to snack on they provide protein, fibre and essential fats and minerals. My favourites are cashews and pistachios so I often pop into Holland & Barrett to grab a few bags, while I like natural, unsalted nuts sometimes it’s nice to mix things up. This time I bought salt and pepper cashews which in all honesty had a bigger pepper kick than I was expecting, they were nice but I couldn’t eat as many as I wanted to in one sitting. I also got a pack of chilli and lime pistachios, these are like little miracles, I love Mexican seasonings and the flavour compliments the nuts perfectly. I also think there’s just something about cracking open the shells and popping out the little green nuts appeals to some deep seating foraging instinct inside me. It’s weirdly soothing. The Neals Yard Wholefoods salt and black pepper cashews are £2.29 for 100g, or £4.99 for 250g. The Neals Yard Wholefoods chilli and lime pistachios are £3.99 for 150g.


Have a great day,



I have been looking for decent gelatine free gummy sweets for a while now and have finally stumbled upon probably the best sweets I’ve ever eaten, vegan or not. So far I’ve tried three types; sour fruit salad, koala gummy bears, and cola breeze. The sour fruit salad sweets tasted great, and weren’t as sour as I was expecting. The cola breeze sweets are like little cola bottles, they have a strong cola flavour but aren’t unpleasant, they have a good texture and chew and also don’t have too much of a sugar coating, which I liked. My favourite of the three was the koala gummy bears and I have since gone back and bought many more packs. They are tiny little koala bear gummies with five different flavours (if my taste buds don’t deceive me they are; some sort of berry, orange, apple, lemon and pear). They have a great texture and are not greasy like other gelatine-free sweets I have tried in the past. These would be great to share with friends or little ones, but be warned, they are so tasty they won’t be around for long! These packs of 100g are currently £1.50 in Sainsbury’s but you can also find them on Amazon where there are bulk buys of flavours not currently on sale in the UK.

20150419_165848edit 20150605_135515EDIT20150502_180915edit

Have a lovely day,


Snack attack!

Not too long ago I went on a bit of a snack haul, and now I’ve finally finished the last morsels I am going to give you my honest opinion on everything. I bought two types of Bounce balls (cashew & pecan, which was vegan and Coconut & macadamia, which was vegetarian) these are creamy and slightly crunchy balls which give you a boost of energy. They are sweet but not too sweet as there is a hint of salt and you can really taste the nuts and seeds but this was not a problem for me as I liked the taste. However, there was a slightly weird aftertaste which I can’t explain. Overall, and for the price (£1.99 at Holland & Barrett) these were not that great a buy for such a small product, even if they do fill you up.


I also picked up two Trek bars, one chocolate and one chocolate coconut. The coconut one was basically the same as the regular chocolate but with coconut in the actual flapjack. The flapjacks are vegan but I wasn’t able to tell the difference and in my opinion the one with coconut was slightly better than the plain chocolate. The 50g bars are currently 90p at Sainsbury’s and I think they are well worth it for a handy pick me up to keep in your handbag. Especially as Holland & Barrett charge £1.39 for the same product.


Additionally I grabbed a rather expensive box of 6 Booja Booja truffles in the vanilla and rhubarb fool flavour. There has been a bit of hype about how fantastic these truffles are and they did taste lovely, but as a personal preference I don’t like truffles coated in cocoa powder and I think I would have preferred them to be coated in thick chocolate. I thought there was just a bit too much powder on the outside, it was quite messy and took something away from the gorgeous flavour inside. I got these from Health & Herbs, a local health food store in Swansea, and paid around the £4 mark for them (lost my receipt and can’t remember the exact price!). I won’t give up on the truffles yet and may treat myself to a different flavour soon so I can compare, and I might pick up some of their ice cream too.


I then picked up another few bits of chocolate, I have a love hate relationship with really dark chocolate and I can only have a nibble before I feel quite full as I find it slightly too rich. I bought Seed and Bean extra dark coconut and raspberry chocolate from Holland & Barrett at £2.29 for an 85g bar and Plamil mint chocolate with no added sugar, also from Holland & Barrett at £1.15 for a 45g bar. I didn’t like either of these bars, the chocolate was just too rich for me and I disliked the flavour of both of bars which was upsetting considering mint chocolate is a favourite of mine. Then I grabbed a product on impulse without checking the price, Forest Feast handmade dried banana coated in dark chocolate, £2.39 for 90g in Holland & Barrett. I assumed in the moment that the banana would be those lovely slices of crunchy dried banana but I was mistaken, inside the pack were these balls of chewy banana covered in chocolate. This is probably someone’s dream product but for me it was a no go, the texture really put me off.

20150313_102000edit   20150515_121751edit 20150515_121759edit

That’s all for now, I have a few more snack reviews coming up which are slightly smaller so keep a look out for those.

Happy snacking,


Whole Earth no caf

While summer is now upon us (despite what the weather may think) I am going to review my favourite hot drink. When the weather does decide to get warmer I may think about making an iced version to help battle the heat. I’m going to be reviewing a coffee substitute as I can’t drink regular coffee due to my anxiety and I haven’t been able to find a decaf version which I enjoy. The product is Whole Earth organic no caffeine, it’s a dark powder made mainly of barley and chicory which tastes a lot like coffee, at least to me. When you mix it the ‘coffee’ is rich, dark and not too bitter. Instead of soya milk I like to add coconut milk (the tinned type), the coconut flavour really compliments the coffee and adds a little something special which I love.

Whole Earth organic no caffeine is currently £2.65 for 100g at Holland and Barrett, while this may not be the cheapest coffee the pack lasts for a while, especially if you don’t drink it every day. Additionally, if you shop at Holland and Barrett there is a rewards scheme where you earn 4 points for every £1 you spend. I have been a member of this scheme since it started and while it is hardly worth it if you are an infrequent spender, it’s always nice to get a free couple of pounds to buy a treat every so often.

The final word is that if you are looking for a coffee substitute, for any reason, then Whole Earth no caff is a convenient, great tasting alternative.

Have a great day,


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