Christmas chocolate review

Hello again, I’m impressed that this is my third blog post this week, I am finding it hard to keep up with everything but this is something that I want to do. This week I’ve really been struggling with my health, my chest has been hurting and now I’m getting sudden intense headaches. I’m hopingContinue reading “Christmas chocolate review”

Food Heaven dairy free lemon cheesecake

Hi everyone, well who’d have believed it, I’m back again for another blog post! Today was a particularly stressful day in work as they were setting up all sorts of new equipment and software. I also made the mistake of letting on that I know my way around a computer and now people keep askingContinue reading “Food Heaven dairy free lemon cheesecake”

Vegan Christmas party food

Hi everyone, How is your weekend going? I’m back at work tomorrow and I’m really anxious about it because they are sticking me on the phone and I am really uncomfortable taking phone calls and being put on the spot. We will see how it goes. This review is yet another one which I haveContinue reading “Vegan Christmas party food”