Coconut Merchant Coconut Syrup Review

Evening everyone, These dark cold nights are both a blessing and a curse. I hate the shorter days and lack of light but I love getting cosy in my new house in the darkness. The only problem is that I’m struggling to stay awake and keep falling asleep on the sofa. I’ve just found outContinue reading “Coconut Merchant Coconut Syrup Review”

Tutti Gourmet fruit crackers review

Hi everyone, I swear yesterday was the warmest day of the year, I had decided to cover myself in black and wore a cardigan so it wasn’t the best day for me. I’ve been upping my calories and weight training in an attempt to increase my weight, but it’s not easy in this heat. I’veContinue reading “Tutti Gourmet fruit crackers review”

Pacifica Indian coconut nectar perfume review

Hi everyone! Summer has arrived this week and today has been focused on keeping myself and the cats cool, I’m very tired but I’m trying to get things done and catch up on reading blogs. Tomorrow is a very busy day for me, doctors appointment, errand running, visiting family, hanging out with friends and thenContinue reading “Pacifica Indian coconut nectar perfume review”

Superdrug coconut hair masque review

Hi everyone, It’s another day off for me and I have been spending it with family, today has been absolutely beautiful and it finally feels like summer, although it probably won’t last. When the sun comes out I want my hair to look the best it can and so I’ve been branching out my hairContinue reading “Superdrug coconut hair masque review”

Love Raw coconut and chia bar review

Hi everyone, I decided to have a lie in this morning as I have a late start, three extra hours sleep and I’m feeling more tired than when I wake up at 6. Does this happen to any of you? I have a day off tomorrow which I am spending with my grandparents as todayContinue reading “Love Raw coconut and chia bar review”

Coconut Collaborative yogurts

Hey guys, How’s your week going? Today is my first day back in work and as this goes live I’m just finishing so I’m probably dead. Today I’m going to review a range of coconut yogurts from The Coconut Collaborative. While I have bought products from this brand before, the products in this review wereContinue reading “Coconut Collaborative yogurts”

Put the lime in the coconut

Morning all, today I will be scheduling a couple of other posts to go up as I will be gone for a while attending my graduation. Firstly, I’m going to review Superdrug’s coconut oil, and the benefits of coconut oil more generally. I have been using coconut oil for a few months now, using itContinue reading “Put the lime in the coconut”