Coconut Collaborative yogurts

Hey guys, How’s your week going? Today is my first day back in work and as this goes live I’m just finishing so I’m probably dead. Today I’m going to review a range of coconut yogurts from The Coconut Collaborative. While I have bought products from this brand before, the products in this review were […]

Food Heaven dairy free lemon cheesecake

Hi everyone, well who’d have believed it, I’m back again for another blog post! Today was a particularly stressful day in work as they were setting up all sorts of new equipment and software. I also made the mistake of letting on that I know my way around a computer and now people keep asking […]

Tesco free from chocolate desserts

Hello again! Here’s the last review for tonight, I can’t go to my grandmother’s house without having various food items practically stuffed down my throat, I suppose it doesn’t help that I’m skinny but I can’t escape the feeling that she’s trying to fatten me up for Christmas! While we were shopping I decided to […]