Cheezly and chorizo potato skins

Afternoon everyone! While I like to make my own meals, whether it’s salads, pasta, pulses or rice, there are times when I am unable to make a tasty meal. If I am in a rush, or tired then convenience meals are a blessing, I’m always looking out for new products and today I am goingContinue reading “Cheezly and chorizo potato skins”

July favourites

Hello again! Wow, I’ve been blogging for just over a month now and we’ve come to the end of July. It’s been a busy month for me with graduation and turning 25 so here’s a list of the products which got me through. Food Cacao and raspberry Nom bar– A really lovely bar which IContinue reading “July favourites”

Flavoured garbanzo beans review

Hello again, I picked up a pack of tomato, garlic and herb flavoured garbanzo beans as a snack for a bus ride, and they were just okay. I wasn’t really excited by the flavour, the chickpeas really lacked that strong Italian flavour I was looking for. Don’t get me wrong, the flavour was pleasant, itContinue reading “Flavoured garbanzo beans review”