Broccoli and pumpkin crisps?

Hi again, this will be my final scheduled post for today, Maybe it was because I felt guilty for filling my basket full of sweet treats, maybe I was just trying to be adventurous but I recently picked up a bag of The Giving Tree crisps, the mixed veg variety. These crisps are basically vacuumContinue reading “Broccoli and pumpkin crisps?”

Vegan cheese and sandwich slices

Evening all, I’ve been looking for vegan cheese that I like for a while, longer than I feel comfortable with. I decided to buy Vegusto this time, figuring that the extra money would mean a better product. I was right, I purchased the no-moo herb variety and was pleasantly surprised.   The ‘cheese’ had theContinue reading “Vegan cheese and sandwich slices”

Sojade hemp yoghurt

Hi again, Recently, on a trip to my local independent health food store I spied something in the fridge, something unexpected, hemp yoghurt. I had seen hemp milk around, so it shouldn’t have been such a surprise that there is also yoghurt. The product I bought was Delice de Chanvre, from a French brand calledContinue reading “Sojade hemp yoghurt”

Panda blueberry liquorice

Morning everyone! It’s raining in July, typical Welsh weather. I have to go out today so I’m going to try scheduling a couple of posts throughout the day. My first post is going to be quite short as I’m reviewing some panda liquorice, I’m not a fan of black liquorice but there’s something so earthyContinue reading “Panda blueberry liquorice”

Pasties, sausages and tofu, oh my!

Hello again, I’ve got another food review for you tonight, I haven’t got too much to say about each of these products so I thought I’d review them all at once. The first product is VBites ham and cheezly pasties, which I bought from Holland & Barrett, I’m not sure how much I paid toContinue reading “Pasties, sausages and tofu, oh my!”

Tofu, Ramune, Mo Chi and more

I recently made a trip to my local Chinese shop, which is conveniently just round the corner from my house. I really love this store because their items tend to be cheap (which is great for student life), and also because I love the snacks they sell in there. The first items I picked upContinue reading “Tofu, Ramune, Mo Chi and more”