The Goodness Project September Box review

Hi everyone, Last week was a bit all over the place, I had my house redecorated, worked all week and barely got any sleep. I’m up at 6am this morning for another week of work and I’m hating the change in weather and the fact it’s so dark and cold when I wake up. IContinue reading “The Goodness Project September Box review”

Vegan sweet treats review

Evening all! I finished work at 7:30 am this morning so it’s probably safe to assume that I’ve been asleep for most of the day. I’m looking forward to doing more over the next two days. Today I am reviewing some vegan sweet treats, although I prefer fruit or savoury snacks I do enjoy eatingContinue reading “Vegan sweet treats review”

Booja Booja hazelnut crunch truffles review

Evening all, Today is Friday and I finally have a weekend off (yes!), as this goes live I am finishing up my last shift of the week and heading home, probably for a nap. I have also found out this week that I have to have both my tonsils taken out and I am notContinue reading “Booja Booja hazelnut crunch truffles review”

Foods of Athenry cookie shots review

Hello everyone, Yesterday was my wedding anniversary, I spent the majority of it working but we managed to grab some time in the evening to have a little meal. We are going out on the weekend for a nicer meal, before I work another long shift on Sunday. Today’s review is of the Foods ofContinue reading “Foods of Athenry cookie shots review”