Vegan ice cream review

Hi everyone, It’s Wednesday, my first long shift of the week on the busiest week of the month at work. Fun times. I also have my pre-assessment for my operation tomorrow morning, and a night shift to follow it so I’m probably going to be recovering on the weekend. Hopefully the operation will happen soonContinue reading “Vegan ice cream review”

Tesco free from strawberry and vanilla cones

Evening everyone, I’m a bit behind on posting these last two reviews so I’m going to post them both at once, While I was looking for free from products in Tesco I came across something I hadn’t seen before and I had to buy it to see what it was like. I’m talking about strawberryContinue reading “Tesco free from strawberry and vanilla cones”

Booja Booja ice cream

Here’s another review for today, Recently I caved in and bought a rather expensive 110ml pot of Booja Booja ice cream in the coconut hullabaloo flavour (although I lost the receipt and can’t actually recall the price). However, this ice cream was well worth the money, the coconut flavour was very strong, the product isContinue reading “Booja Booja ice cream”