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Swansea Vegan Festival 2017

Hi everyone,

I meant to post a bit more last week but I got caught up in my free time and catching up on sleep, I did so much in my week off and I actually got up earlier than I would for work on most of the days. I loved my birthday meal and will try and post about it towards the end of the week. It was back to work for me yesterday, just as the sun came out and I’ve been offered to up my contracted hours to full time, I need the money but I’ll be sad to give up an extra two hours a day. At least I’ll get a lunch break now!


Vegan pasty review

Hello again,

It’s finally Wednesday which means I only have two days left in work before a three day weekend. I am spending Thursday night taking part in research for the National Centre for Mental Health, Friday at home, Saturday out with a friend and Sunday organising. I may have to try and fit a dentist appointment in there because, inexplicably, part of my tooth fell out yesterday, just the side of a molar. Just my luck.

Today’s review is fairly short, also my phone photos got corrupted so I only have a photo of one of the products. Additionally, a mistake on my part, I couldn’t find the ingredients for these online. I still thought I’d make a post about them, the Veg Out vegan pasties.