Body Shop Moringa Perfume review

Evening everyone, My weekend plans of finishing my to do list went out the window as the last two days were mainly spent napping and watching TV. Oh well, I’ll just have to make a little more effort this week. I might hear some good news today and if I do then I’ll let youContinue reading “Body Shop Moringa Perfume review”

Pacifica Indian coconut nectar perfume review

Hi everyone! Summer has arrived this week and today has been focused on keeping myself and the cats cool, I’m very tired but I’m trying to get things done and catch up on reading blogs. Tomorrow is a very busy day for me, doctors appointment, errand running, visiting family, hanging out with friends and thenContinue reading “Pacifica Indian coconut nectar perfume review”

Pacifica Persian rose perfume

Evening everyone, I absolutely love rose, I love eating rose, I love washing with rose, I love drinking rose, I love the smell of roses. I am a little obsessed with it. So when I was gifted a 29ml spray bottle of Pacifica’s Persian rose perfume I was extremely happy. This would also be myContinue reading “Pacifica Persian rose perfume”