Maple, banana and peanut butter porridge

Evening all, I’ve been trying a few new things recently, and am writing quite a lot of reviews at the moment as well as sorting out a lot of things and visiting the people in my life. It takes a lot of energy to get through a day so I need a breakfast that fillsContinue reading “Maple, banana and peanut butter porridge”

Tofu scramble, homemade salsa and roasted veg.

Morning! I’ve had a crappy night’s sleep so I’m feeling really tired but here’s another recipe post for you. I’ve been seeing recipes for tofu scramble around so I decided to try it, I used this recipe and actually had all the ingredients this time! I’d say that this is another easy and relatively cheap recipe,Continue reading “Tofu scramble, homemade salsa and roasted veg.”

Homemade falafel (no more grubby takeaways)

Afternoon everyone, I’ve been volunteering this morning (I volunteer at Relate, in case any of you were curious) and came home to a Graze box which I devoured whilst trying to review it. I have another recipe for you today, recently I tried to make my own falafel and it turned out pretty well. IContinue reading “Homemade falafel (no more grubby takeaways)”

Pea puree on pasta and toast

Afternoon all! Here’s another recipe for you today, it’s adapted from this recipe, obviously I left out the cheese for mine but I added some herbs and mint. I divided the mixture between two dishes, half went into a freshly cooked and drained pot of pasta, the other half was spread onto garlic toast (which IContinue reading “Pea puree on pasta and toast”

Sausages, dumplings and bean pate

Afternoon everyone, I’ve just woken up from my first nap in ages and I’m still ill but here’s another review post for you. Some days I just decide to cook, or prepare a bunch of things. This is only sometimes as I often have days where I mentally feel like I can’t do anything. MakingContinue reading “Sausages, dumplings and bean pate”

Chocolate pancakes and coconut mocha

Afternoon to you all 🙂 The other day I decided to use the last of my egg replacer to make pancakes, mainly because I had run out of bread to make the French toast that I really love (you can find the recipe in this post). While I was mixing the dry ingredients something caught myContinue reading “Chocolate pancakes and coconut mocha”