Garbo’s cafe/bar review

Hi everyone, As this goes live I am probably asleep, preparing myself for my night shift later. I’m not particularly looking forward to it but I find the solace allows me time for reflection, planning and organising, which is always welcome. Today I’m reviewing the restaurant where I had my birthday meal, Garbo’s cafe andContinue reading “Garbo’s cafe/bar review”

Urban Zen review

Hi everyone, It’s Monday again so back to work but I’m excited because after Friday I am off for a week and Swansea Vegan festival is on Saturday! I have had an awful weekend because I spent most of it asleep (which is great) but I wasn’t particularly productive so my house isn’t clean, blogContinue reading “Urban Zen review”

Zizzi’s vegan menu review

I’m back! Sorry for not posting for a while and not acknowledging why on here, although I did mention it once or twice on Twitter. I was really excited for my four day weekend but life took an unexpected turn, as it usually does. After I came home from work on Thursday, very happy andContinue reading “Zizzi’s vegan menu review”

Coffee Punks review

Hi everyone, It’s Sunday and I’m sad because I didn’t get to do everything I wanted this weekend, that’s the problem with me and my never ending lists. I’m hoping that sprucing my house up will give me a feeling of achievement. I’m still so happy that my money came through and as well asContinue reading “Coffee Punks review”