Try Day Friday: Like Meat Smoked Sausage

Hey everyone, Today I am reviewing the like smoked sausage from Like Meat, and I am sorry it’s a day late, I totally spaced yesterday. As I said last week, Like Meat states that they create plant based versions of meat products that have the same flavour and satisfaction as eating the real thing. TheirContinue reading “Try Day Friday: Like Meat Smoked Sausage”

Try Day Friday: Miami Burger Louisiana Chick’n Burger

Hey everyone, Today I am reviewing the Louisiana chick’n burger from Miami Burger. As I said last week, according to their website Miami Burger focus on making plant-based products that are good for you, with simple ingredients and plastic free packaging. They have a comparison table on their website of all sorts of burgers, showingContinue reading “Try Day Friday: Miami Burger Louisiana Chick’n Burger”

Tofu, Ramune, Mo Chi and more

I recently made a trip to my local Chinese shop, which is conveniently just round the corner from my house. I really love this store because their items tend to be cheap (which is great for student life), and also because I love the snacks they sell in there. The first items I picked upContinue reading “Tofu, Ramune, Mo Chi and more”

Vegan cupcakes! Om nom nom

Recently I visited Swansea Veg Fest, a free event organised by the Environment Centre. I attended mainly as I was on the hunt for vegan cupcakes from Fancy that Bakery, as I have managed to miss every event they have done so far. This time I was in luck! I purchased three cupcakes (choc orange,Continue reading “Vegan cupcakes! Om nom nom”

Stressed is desserts spelled backwards

Today I’m going to review a couple vegan desserts, while I don’t have much of a sweet tooth these days I still enjoy a good pudding now and again. It’s a mixed bag, I really enjoyed some of these products, others not so much. First I tried a banana Chia Pod (purchased from Tesco), thisContinue reading “Stressed is desserts spelled backwards”