Try Day Friday: Like Meat Smoked Sausage

Hey everyone, Today I am reviewing the like smoked sausage from Like Meat, and I am sorry it’s a day late, I totally spaced yesterday. As I said last week, Like Meat states that they create plant based versions of meat products that have the same flavour and satisfaction as eating the real thing. TheirContinue reading “Try Day Friday: Like Meat Smoked Sausage”

Linda McCartney sausage plaits review

Evening everyone, As this goes live I am having a nap because I am working from 9pm tonight til 7:30am tomorrow morning. It’s a killer shift made worse by having another long shift on Tuesday. I’m sure I’ll make it through somehow and at least I can sleep when I get home. Today’s review isContinue reading “Linda McCartney sausage plaits review”

Fry’s polony/slicing sausage review

Hi guys, Back again! Today is Good Friday and I’m working the late shift by myself, I’m sure that I am very fed up right now and wanting to go home. At least I have a three day weekend ahead of me. I also had an hour and a half massage yesterday which was relaxationContinue reading “Fry’s polony/slicing sausage review”