The Goodness Project November (and October) Box Review

Hi everyone, Wow, it’s been ages since I posted and it feels really strange to be typing this. I only meant to take a week off but I’ve had so much to do with leaving my job, moving house and some personal problems that I haven’t had much time to do anything really. We handedContinue reading “The Goodness Project November (and October) Box Review”

The Goodness Project September Box review

Hi everyone, Last week was a bit all over the place, I had my house redecorated, worked all week and barely got any sleep. I’m up at 6am this morning for another week of work and I’m hating the change in weather and the fact it’s so dark and cold when I wake up. IContinue reading “The Goodness Project September Box review”

The Vegan Kind August box review

Evening all, It’s the end of the week. I had an interview yesterday and I am really not sure how it went. I’m working til 6 tonight and then I have all week to prepare for a pretty awful week where I’m working bank holiday Monday and the entire weekend after it, I must haveContinue reading “The Vegan Kind August box review”

Tutti Gourmet fruit crackers review

Hi everyone, I swear yesterday was the warmest day of the year, I had decided to cover myself in black and wore a cardigan so it wasn’t the best day for me. I’ve been upping my calories and weight training in an attempt to increase my weight, but it’s not easy in this heat. I’veContinue reading “Tutti Gourmet fruit crackers review”

The Vegan Kind July box review

Evening everyone, I’ve been out with my family today because my little brother just turned 18, it’s crazy how time flies. As I didn’t know what time I’d be back I have scheduled this post and so I don’t know how my day has gone but I’ll let you know tomorrow. We’ve come to theContinue reading “The Vegan Kind July box review”