Love Raw coconut and chia bar review

Hi everyone, I decided to have a lie in this morning as I have a late start, three extra hours sleep and I’m feeling more tired than when I wake up at 6. Does this happen to any of you? I have a day off tomorrow which I am spending with my grandparents as todayContinue reading “Love Raw coconut and chia bar review”

Perkier goji and cranberry bar review

Hi everyone, Today is my last day off before I’m back at work and back doing long shifts *sad face*. I’ve finally been to the dentist to have a filling put in and found out that it wasn’t part of my tooth that fell out, it was an old white filling, so not so bad.Continue reading “Perkier goji and cranberry bar review”

Bioglan raw bites review

Hi everyone, I had a day of catching up on sleep yesterday and today I’m off on a little adventure with a friend and I’m pretty excited. I’ve been looking at old Facebook posts and realising that three years ago I was living with a tiny undercounter fridge, and no freezer. I also didn’t haveContinue reading “Bioglan raw bites review”

Nakd pecan pie bar review

Hello! Today’s post is coming on a Tuesday as I didn’t post Sunday or Monday. I’ve had a few days off, I’ve been trying to organise a few things and see family. I’ve managed to see my family but the organisation kind of fell through. However, I did get some cleaning done so I’m pleasedContinue reading “Nakd pecan pie bar review”