Vegan snacks, all day every day

Hello everyone, That title made me laugh, but let me assure you that I don’t eat snacks all day every day and that I do eat properly. However, I am trying to gain weight so I need to keep my calories up as well as exercising. Today I’m going to do another bumper post ofContinue reading “Vegan snacks, all day every day”

New Meridian bars review

Hey everyone, It’s Wednesday which means by the end of the day I will be halfway through my week. Today’s review is of the new Meridian bars which I spotted in my local health food shop, I bought the peanut and cocoa, peanut and berry and peanut and banana varieties, I’m not sure if thereContinue reading “New Meridian bars review”

Vegan Christmas party food

Hi everyone, How is your weekend going? I’m back at work tomorrow and I’m really anxious about it because they are sticking me on the phone and I am really uncomfortable taking phone calls and being put on the spot. We will see how it goes. This review is yet another one which I haveContinue reading “Vegan Christmas party food”