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Swansea Vegan Festival 2017

Hi everyone,

I meant to post a bit more last week but I got caught up in my free time and catching up on sleep, I did so much in my week off and I actually got up earlier than I would for work on most of the days. I loved my birthday meal and will try and post about it towards the end of the week. It was back to work for me yesterday, just as the sun came out and I’ve been offered to up my contracted hours to full time, I need the money but I’ll be sad to give up an extra two hours a day. At least I’ll get a lunch break now!

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Vegan Desserts Review

Hey everyone, I know every man, woman and child has been saying how hot it is in the UK right now but they are right, it is unbearably hot. It’s made worse for me by not being able to have all the windows open because of the cats, and by baking bus journeys to work. Also, I came down with the flu (who gets the flu in summer? This Girl, that’s who!) so that’s added to the discomfort. I struggled into work yesterday, feeling worse and worse during the ride to work and ended up having a panic attack, my first in a good while, then I nearly fainted. So yeah, not a great day. At least the weather is cooling down now so we can all have a break. I’m settling into work and looking forward to July, my birthday and the start of the many weddings I have to attend this year. It’s also getting closer to my holiday off work and Swansea Vegfest. All good things. Now onto today’s review.